Antique Elaborate Victorian Sofa - $12,500 (White Springs)

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condition: excellent
Tools and furniture have been produced almost as long as man has inhabited Earth. The earliest furniture would have been extremely simple and strictly functional. As man evolved so did man’s furniture, becoming more complex and ultimately stylistic. Since the earliest settlements in America there had always been furniture makers (e.g., Thomas Chippendale, Duncan Phyfe, George Hepplewhite, Thomas Sheraton, and more) for both simple and elegant pieces. However, by the 1800’s rapid growth in America, particularly urbanization brought increased demand for quality furniture. As a result numerous craftsman established businesses and set up furniture production facilities. About this time large numbers of craftsmen skilled in all manner of creating quality furniture immigrated here from Europe. Thus the 1800’s became a period of rapid furniture innovation and production.

While hundreds of small furniture manufacturing companies sprang up during the 1800’s to meet the ever growing demand, several stand out as the producers of much of the quality furniture that has survived to today. Some of the best that come to mind include John Henry Belter, Anton Bembe and Anthony Kimbel, Julius Dessoir, Elijah Galusha, George Henkels, Christian and Gustave Herter, George Hunzinger, John Jelliff, Iganatius Lutz, John and Joseph Meeks, Alexander Roux, and Gottlieb Vollmer, as well as many others. Each of these master furniture makers evolved personally and stylistically throughout their careers. Some of their pieces are very unique to their style and production capabilities while other overlapped with the style of their colleagues. All undertook commissions from discriminating clients as well as providing furniture for the general public.

Many years ago, my wife and I restored our historic home and furnished it with high quality antiques from both American and European furniture makers. This was my wife’s dream home. Unfortunately my wife passed away some time ago and thus I am in the process of downsizing. One of our pieces is a sofa which we have been told numerous times was produced by one of America’s master furniture creators, quite possibly Elijah Galusha about 1855. This piece was probably commissioned as part of a suite for a room or several rooms by a well to do client. Some of it’s carvings are likely unique and specified by the client. The sofa is about 82 & ½ inches long, 34 inches front to rear, and 35 & ½ inches high at the center back and 39 & ½ inches high at each side. We were told it is made of rosewood and was re-upholstered prior to our acquisition. It’s in great shape. It is offered as is for $12,500, OBO.

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