HY-BREED SHEEP - $1 (wellborn)

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The Sheep I Farm Are Very Fast Growing for Example; "COCO" was born 1/12/23 and gave Birth to a pretty little Girl on 12/12/23 that's 11 months from baby to Momma. They Are Very Loving, and will eat out of your hands. This Breed Males get 175 LBS in 6 months and when full grown are over 300 lbs. Very Easy To Keep with a Livestock Protection Animal. This Is By Far The Best Sheep To Raise, Self Sheering. Let Me Show You How We Get These Results On Our MICRO Farm of just 1.25 acres
We Can set you up with a Starter Herd, Or Just Add To Your Genetics. PRICE Depends On What Ones You Want. And If They Are Pregnant. Rams start @ $500.00 and up Currently have Ram's from 500-800 Ewe's Start @$800 -$2500
**** This Breed Was Created in Suwannee County Florida from Florida Cracker,Black Belly and Katahdin ... This Specific Breed is SUPERIOR in Growth,Birth And,Mortality with Maximized RETURNS...What Other Breed Can Offer These Results ???? Haven't Seen Anything Like These They Are A TRUE BLESSING. One of My Heritage Females has given me 14 offspring in her 8 years and still going strong Currently Pregnant...One Look At My Herd and you can See The Difference.
Due To The AWESOME Results they typically Sell from $500.00 into the Thousands Depending On Colors and other attributes offering much better Returns than Low Grade Slaughter animals that are inferior and Cost 2.4 times more to Raise at the minimum. These are My Personal Results with this AWESOME Breed.

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