HY-BREED"SHEEP" Bred For FLORIDA - $1 (wellborn)

HY-BREED"SHEEP" Bred For FLORIDA 1 thumbnailHY-BREED"SHEEP" Bred For FLORIDA 2 thumbnailHY-BREED"SHEEP" Bred For FLORIDA 3 thumbnailHY-BREED"SHEEP" Bred For FLORIDA 4 thumbnailHY-BREED"SHEEP" Bred For FLORIDA 5 thumbnailHY-BREED"SHEEP" Bred For FLORIDA 6 thumbnail
THIS BREED was The Life Work Of One Man our Genetics Are Extremely Well Adapted To North Florida And Require Very Little Time Or Care, They Are Self Sheering, And The Best Lawn Mower and Bush and Tree Trimmers I Have Ever Owned....Plus They Are Very Loving and will eat out of your hands. With One Live Stock Guardian your Herd would only require Fresh Water and Grain and a Place To Get Out Of The Weather... Barn,Car Port,Shed. Have Food Security as your Herd Builds .....Sheep Require Hay In There Diet So You Do Need To Keep Them In Hay....My Herd uses a few Rolls a Year as Supplement Feed mostly in the Winter Months But I Always Have It Available for Them....Guess That's Why We Are Always Having Babies and They Grow Up So Quick Getting Fed Like Pets With Lots Of Other Happy Animals.

***** This BREED is PARASITE Resistant ..When Everyone Was Loosing Sheep To PARASITES We Didn't LOOSE ANY of our Animals, Only Old Age And PREDATORS Are Concerns

**** The Genetics Are A Special Mix of Katadian/Black Belly/ Florida Cracker Over a 30 YEARS...Making Self Shedding,Hearty Fast Growing and Very Tasty ...Current Market Value of Breeding Stock Exceeds Butcher Value..Due To The Limited Amount of These Superior Animals ......Very Few of This Exact Breed have Been Available
Males Get up to 275-350 pounds ADULT Females Pregnant Normally Have Twins, Young Females Almost Ready To Breed & PREMIUM Ram's $500.00 *** ONLY LIMITED AMOUNT AVAILABLE ****

*** THIS BREED GROWS ALMOST 3 TIMES FASTER Than Standard Breeds....MY SHEEP Go From BABY to MOMMA in 11 months.......NOT 2 years or more like STANDARD Sheep...3X the RETURNS more Demand are just a few reasons to GROW MY BREED, Parasite Resistant, self shedding 90% poled ...10 % Horned and PREMIUMS PAID FOR The Ones With Horns normally $300 extra over base price. Best Of All The COLORS And PATTERNS make them look EXOTIC....Everyone Loves Them In Person......FRIENDLY, Loving.....Great Pets and are the Best Insurance To OWN.. GREATEST HOMESTEAD RETURNS...CHEAP SHEEP Are Everywhere and SLOW Selling Unless your Selling At Less Than Your Cost To Produce... OUR BREED You Won't Loose MONEY Growing Them, unless you don't take care of them....Very Easy Care....NO SHOTS Needed in 8 years of our Farm Producing HIGH QUALITY HY-Breed SHEEP. We Feed medicated feed so our Herd is HEALTHY and FAT And HAPPY.......

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